Concrete Curing

Concrete Curing


No one wants delays. Fast build times are a vital component of ensuring that your project stays on track and budget. But rushing into work before concrete has sufficiently cured is disastrous, and leads to nothing but further time-loss.

Traditional concrete curing methods take up to 4 weeks. This is an incredible amount of downtime, and significantly stalls the completion of a project. The time frame was a requirement for concrete to harden to a strength at which the framework could be removed. Only then construction could begin. Further complications with such a long time frame are having to account for changes in weather and curing conditions, which ultimately could lead to even further delays.

EFR are specialists in using accelerated curing methods to keep the project moving. EFR uses industry-leading accelerated curing methods to make sure that the concrete reaches high early age strength as quickly as possible. Instead of the 4 weeks stated above, our curing processes allow framework removal within 24 hours. This reduces the cycle time and therefore has cost-saving benefits to you.

We use an advanced curing catalyst that offers faster curing times, while simultaneously hardening and sealing the concrete. Faster curing times, faster build times. Let EFR take care of your concrete needs for the fastest, most efficient and high-quality results on the market.

A worker in hi vis curing concrete

Dust Proofing

It is only natural for concrete to form dust and powder from efflorescence. This dust then settles on all surrounding areas, racks, equipment, and finished goods. There are also significant health dangers from the consistent inhalation of concrete dust. It requires constant labour to maintain a dust-free environment, which in some industries isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, but a necessity.

EFR is Auckland’s local concrete specialists offering a variety of options to dustproof concrete. From polished concrete floors to professional concrete coatings, dust proofing your concrete has a variety of advantages:


  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Increases life span and durability of concrete floors
  • Concrete becomes more resistant to abrasions
  • Minimises penetration of water and oil
  • Healthier, and safer


EFR prides itself on the use of the highest quality products on the New Zealand market to offer industry-leading dust proofing. With years of experience and many happy customers, get in contact with us today to find the best concrete solution for you.