Concrete Repair & Maintenance

Concrete Crack Repair and Epoxy


From isolated hairline fractures in concrete flooring and foundations, right through to more serious structural damage. EFR are Auckland’s “go-to” concrete crack repair specialists.

With years of local experience identifying and tailoring repair solutions for damaged concrete has become a focus for preventative maintenance to ensure structural and aesthetic integrity for years to come.

Cracking in concrete is generally an indication that a building or structure has undergone an event whether abrupt or gradual forcing it to absorb an excess of energy / stress. This can be caused by a wide range of factors…

What causes visible cracks in concrete?


  • Shrinkage during cure, before the concrete has developed its full strength
  • Either static or dynamic mechanical overload
  • Temperature changes in a structure not properly accounted for in the design and engineering process.
  • Base or foundation settlement / shifting.
  • Overworking or excess watering of the surface causing corrosion.
  • Weather and geological events.


How can EFR help?

Our team of trained concrete repair experts will meet with you on site to assess the damage and possible cause. Thankfully, provided the structure has not been entirely deformed, the cause of the cracking can be identified and addressed.

Concrete structures with visible cracks can be repaired and renewed with long-term results through the injection of high quality liquid epoxy resin into defects. This repairs concrete architecturally without any of the unsightly surface marks caused by standard surface crack repairs.

We offer:


  • Syringe or gravity injection – Low pressure
  • Paste on injection packers – Medium pressure
  • Packer injection – High pressure


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