Line Marking & Removal

Line Marking & Removal


Line Marking is the term used to describe the installation of both identifying and directional lines.

Often used in car parks or on factory floors, these can be for safety reasons (ensuring your compliance with various industry standards)… or they can simply make life easier to navigate across large campuses or areas of high foot / vehicle traffic.

When used in conjunction with proper signage, line marking not only serves the purpose of guiding busy wheels and feet but it also creates an atmosphere and purpose to a given area.

EFR combines years of experience in the floor finishing and line marking trade with the latest technology, machinery and techniques.

Where line marking is a necessary safety requirement (such as warehousing environments), our local team can sit down and help to design and produce the required markings throughout your building or external spaces.

The preparation of a line is paramount to its success and we have developed preparation techniques to ensure the longevity required. But if you do need to update your lines we also have the latest equipment to offer the service of removal on concrete and asphalt.

To arrange a free quote and have one of our Auckland based line marking and removal experts visit you, give us a call today!

A polished concrete floor with yellow lines on it in a hallway